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Awards and Honors

Kenneth M. Carpenter Achievement Award For Excellence

The Kenneth M. Carpenter advocacy award is NOVA’s most prestigious honor and is named after one of NOVA’s original founding members. This award is presented at the spring conference to an outstanding NOVA member who has made a significant contribution to NOVA or to the practice of veterans’ law.


  • Kenneth M. Carpenter (2001)
  • Robert Chisholm (2008)
  • Barbara J. Cook (2009)
  • Theodore P. Jarvi (2010)
  • Hugh Cox (2011)
  • Carol Scott (2012)
  • Richard P. Cohen (2013)
  • Rick D. Little (2014)
  • Wade Bosley (2015)
  • Michael Viterna (2016)
  • Glenda Herl (2017)
  • Joseph R. Moore (2021)
  • Zachary M. Stolz (2022)
  • Sean Kendall (2023)


Hall of Honor

Entrance to NOVA’s Hall of Honor is limited to those NOVA members, past or present, who have had a unique and lasting impact on the field of veterans’ law and whose careers exemplify NOVA’s tradition of excellent service to America’s veterans and their families.


  • William G. Smith (2013)
  • Keith D. Snyder (2013)
  • Kenneth M. Carpenter (2013)
  • Ted Jarvi (2015)
  • Wade Bosley (2015)
  • Robert Chisholm (2016)
  • Michael Viterna (2016)
  • Sandra Booth (2016)
  • Barbara Cook (2017)
  • Leo Dougherty (2019)
  • Barton F. Stichman (2022)
  • Landon Overby (2024)


NOVA Distinguished Advocate Award

This award is presented to an advocate who distinguishes themself within their first 10 years or so of entry into the practice of veterans law, or to an organization whose work is symbiotic with NOVA’s mission and programs.  Created with funds donated by Theodore Jarvi, long-time NOVA member and former President, the award seeks to honor “talent deserving wider recognition.”  This financial award will inspire and incentivize young attorneys and organizations to engage in activities and advocacy to improve the lives of veterans through their practice or services.


  • Tamesha Larbi (2022)
  • Adam Luck (2022)
  • Brandy Disbennett- Albrecht (2023)
  • Kelsey Craveiro (2o24)


NOVA Pro Bono Advocate of the Year

This award is presented annually to a NOVA member in recognition of his or her participation in the NOVA Pro Bono Advocates Program and, who through their contributions to the Program, exemplifies the pro bono spirit of providing legal services to those individuals who are unable to afford them.


  • Tara Goffney (2010-2011)
  • Wade Bosley (2011-2012)
  • Judge Clarke Barnes (2013-2014)
  • Rebecca Wanee (2014-2015)
  • Robert Goss (2015-2016)
  • Christine Clemens (2016-2017)
  • Jeany Mark (2017-2018)
  • Javier Centonzio (2022)
  • Amy B. Kretkowski (2022)
  • Mel Bostwick (2023)
  • Kailey King (2024)

Veterans Community Service Award

This award is presented to a person or organization that has provided outstanding service to America's veterans, or to programs and legislation which positively affects America's veterans.


  • Roman Martinez (2013), of Latham and Watkins
  • Stacey-Rae Simcox (2022)
  • Angela Drake (2023)
  • Katrina Eagle (2024)
  • Jim Radogna (2024)


President's Award

This unique award was specially created by the President of the NOVA Board of Directors in recognition of the distinguished service of a NOVA member or employee for extraordinary efforts above and beyond the course of normal events. This award also recognizes long standing service to the association.



  • Glenda S. Herl (2013) - Co-chair of the NOVA 20th Anniversary Gala Committee & member of the NOVA Seminar Committee.

In this case, the President's Award focused on the exceptional level of planning, coordination, and dedication required to successfully execute the multi -faceted NOVA 20th Anniversary Celebration, which culminated in a black-tie gala and awards ceremony on April 20, 2013 in Washington, DC. In addition, the award also recognized long standing service to the association, dating back to Ms. Herl's years as the Executive Director, a role in which she served from 1995 to 2004, laying the groundwork to make the organization all that it has become today.

  • David F. Hobson (2016) - Executive Director of NOVA from 2012-2016

In grateful recognition of Mr. Hobson's dedication and service in managing NOVA’s growth and promoting positive relationships with the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims as well as U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

  • Diane Boyd Rauber (2022) - Executive Director of NOVA

In grateful recognition of Ms. Boyd Rauber's dedication, skill, and commitment to NOVA and for her tireless work in the quest for a fair and accessible process for all accredited stakeholders assisting veterans in the VA disability system.