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If you are interested in becoming a NOVA member, please read this page carefully and completely to determine which type of NOVA membership you are eligible for. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact NOVA Staff.


  • Dues: $410/year
  • Eligibility: Any individual who was not previously a member of NOVA, and who practices or intends to practice before the CAVC and/or VA.

To apply for Attorney/Agent Membership, Click HERE.


  • Dues: $150/year
  • Eligibility: Any individual currently a law school professor or currently enrolled as a full-time law student.

To apply for Student Membership, Click HERE.


  • Dues: $150/year
  • Eligibility: Limited to Veterans Service Organization representatives, members of legal aid organizations, and pro bono practitioners who are representing claimants for VA benefits without charge to the claimant or receipt of remuneration of any kind, including EAJA fees, by themselves or their employers. Does not require that the practitioner be admitted to practice before the CAVC.

To apply for General Membership, Click HERE.


  • Dues: $150/year
  • Eligibility: Those individuals, i.e., secretaries, legal assistants, and paralegals, who support a current Sustaining Member(s).

To apply for Law Office Support Membership, Click HERE.


  • Dues: $450/year
  • Eligibility: You must be actively engaged in representing claimants pursuing VA benefits, and must be accredited by VA and/or admitted to practice at the CAVC. You must have been a NOVA Member for at least one year or in the past to be eligible for Sustaining Membership.
  • Sustaining members must agree to comply with these minimum standards of practice:
    • Representation of a veteran shall include a review of the veteran’s claims folder. Timely filing and responses to all Department and Court designated timeframes for filings, pleadings, and motions. Attendance at one NOVA Conference every 24 months.

Sustaining Members, if you're looking to renew your membership, please do so from your user profile by clicking the 'Renew Now' link, or by clicking HERE.