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NOVA Committees

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is composed of NOVA's officers: the President, Vice President, Secretary, and the Treasurer.

President: Glenda Herl
Vice President: Virginia Girard-Brady
Secretary: Christine Clemens
Treasurer: Matthew Hill


Amicus and Litigation Committee

The Amicus and Litigation Committee works to ensure that NOVA is supportive of litigation efforts that benefit the veteran community and its representatives. The Committee exists to aid in supplying amicus briefs to United States courts and in undertaking worthy litigation to support our country’s veterans and their advocates.

Co-Chairs: Chris Attig and Christine Clemens
Thomas Andrews
Julie Glover
John Niles
Travis West
Christian McTarnaghan
Caitlin Milo
Jon Heiden
Tom Polseno


Congressional Testimony Committee


The Congressional Testimony Committee's duty is to review Congressional testimony drafted by the Executive Director or any other individual, prior to its submission to the Board, in accordance with NOVA by-laws.

Chair: Todd Wesche
Kenneth M. Carpenter
Art Gage
Amy Kretkowski
Joseph Moore
Zachary Stolz
Michael Viterna


Ethics Committee

This committee advises the Board on issues related to the ethical practice of VA law. It also investigates cases of alleged ethical violations by members and reports its findings and/or recommendations to the Board.

Chair: Bob Goss
Sara Huerter
Tommy Klepper, Jr.
Michael Viterna
Winona Zimberlin


Regulation Comment Committee

The Regulation Comment Committee bears the responsibility for analyzing proposed rules, drafting comments, and discussing them with VA. The Committee helps ensure that those rules align with authorizing statutes and the Constitution, and in this way, NOVA represents its members and advocates for veterans.

Chair: Amy Girard-Brady
Chris Boudi
Christine Clemens
Kristina Derro
Kent Eiler
Art Gage
John Unruh


Seminar Committee

The Seminar Committee's primary responsibility is to plan NOVA's Spring and Fall Conferences. This committee schedules speakers, chooses sites, updates the education program, and organizes special events for our members, with the assistance of NOVA staff.

Chair: Zachary Stolz
Chris Attig
Ken Carpenter
Glenda Herl
Matt Hill
Bob Goss
Dan Smith
John Tucker
Michelle Wolf


Social Committee

The Social Committee's primary responsibility is to promote social interaction and networking opportunities among NOVA Members.

Chair: Michelle Wolf
Ralph Bratch
Bob Goss
Sara Huerter
Amy Girard Brady


Webinar Committee

The Webinar Committee's primary responsibility is to plan NOVA's webinars.

Chair: John Tucker
Christie Bhageloe
Glenda Herl